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Cheaper By The Dungeon is unlike any DnD podcast you've ever heard. This podcast is filled with lots of things: heart, bravery, courage, other inspirational stuff, and most of all some sweet sweet roleplay. Please join Adam, Connor, and Jacob as they find their true selves while they journey through an imaginary world ruled by Seth the God of Games.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. S3 Episode 6: Limits

    The gang is pushed to the bring as they try to survive the insectoid onslaught and find Randy's dragon fire. SO....MUCH....ACTION!!! ...


  2. Christmas Musical: The Parent Passaround

    Another holiday season means another musical from us! This time the gang needs to save christmas from a new threat...parents. Hope you enjoy and sing along! ...


  3. S3 Episode 5: The Three B's

    3 Legendary Heroes Face off against, well, the 3 Legendary Heroes...and Apophis! Can one rolly boy crush our dreams? Find out as we battle to the death! ...


  4. S3 Episode 4: Bath Buddies

    IT IS COLISEUM TIME!!! The gang is about to throw down in the Tournament of Ganala but will they be able to handle the beasts? Will they finally meet with the king? Or will they ditch and go do some other dumb stuff? Listen now to find out! ...


  5. S3 Episode 3: The Price of a Memory

    The Tournament Arc is set in motion! Team 8 is after some dragon fire, but first they have to light a fire in themselves to prove they can even enter the tournament! It's time to put on some scrubs, because Dr Zippy Westborough is in the building! ...