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Cheaper By The Dungeon is unlike any DnD podcast you've ever heard. This podcast is filled with lots of things: heart, bravery, courage, other inspirational stuff, and most of all some sweet sweet roleplay. Please join Adam, Connor, and Jacob as they find their true selves while they journey through an imaginary world ruled by Seth the God of Games.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Prologue: Zippy Westburrough

    This is the final character prologue episode before our campaign starts! What kind of trouble will little Zippy Westburrough get into this week? ...


  2. Prologue: Dariun Branch

    Do you want to STOMP? Do you want to ROMP? Then join us for part 2 of 3 of our character solo episodes! ...


  3. Prologue: Norman D

    We are doing a solo episode for each of the characters before we launch the real campaign. These episodes will show how each character got to where they will be in episode 1 of the new campaign. Enjoy Norman D's adventure in this magical land! ...


  4. The One Where We Discuss Our Characters

    This episode of Talking Dungeons follows the characters of Norman D, Zippy Westburrough, and Dariun Branch. Also, this episode gets weird. ...


  5. ANNOUNCEMENT: New name, players, and campaign

    Here is all the details on the future of this podcast. We will be changing our name to "Cheaper by the Dungeon", introducing Adam and Jacob as our new players, and giving you your first taste of the new campaign DM'd by Seth! ...