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Cheaper By The Dungeon is unlike any DnD podcast you've ever heard. This podcast is filled with lots of things: heart, bravery, courage, other inspirational stuff, and most of all some sweet sweet roleplay. Please join Adam, Connor, and Jacob as they find their true selves while they journey through an imaginary world ruled by Seth the God of Games.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 6: We put the Fun in Funeral

    This week the boys become detectives (kinda like a certain electric mouse) and get ready for the kings funeral. Also Dariun gets wasted. Enjoy! ...


  2. Episode 5: Tasty Raisins

    This week the gang finally gets to the golden city of Aurum. What is the first thing you do whenever you get to a new city? SHOP TILL YOU DROP OF COURSE! ...


  3. Episode 4: Choose Your Own Adventure

    The gang have survived their first dungeon! But now they have to decide between saving the king of Aurum or saving Gilberts granddaughter and getting a clue to a grand treasure. What will they choose? Listen and find out! ...


  4. Episode 3: Monkey and Me

    This week the boys dive deeper into the dungeon in order to find the cure to save the king of Aurum! But I garuntee you it wont go according to plan. Come listen to this serious monkey business! ...


  5. Episode 2: In Loving Memory of HotBox

    This week the boys meet up with the Greeders Guild in hopes to join their ranks. But before they can do that they have to survive a real deal dungeon! ...